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NL 01001.440: Undeliverable Mail with a Special Notice Option for the Blind or Visually Impaired

  • Effective Dates: 04/26/2012 - Present
  • Effective Dates: 02/20/2018 - Present
  • TN 1 (04-12)
  • NL 01001.440 Undeliverable Mail with a Special Notice Option for the Blind or Visually Impaired
  • A. What are the procedures for undeliverable mail?
  • The procedures for undeliverable mail are as follows:
  • 1. Field offices (FOs) and processing centers (PCs)
  • FOs and PCs follow existing procedures for processing undeliverable notices sent by certified mail, in Braille, on data compact disc (CD), on audio CD, or in large print. See details:
  • * GN 02605.055 Title II Undeliverable Mail Change of Address (COA)
  • * GN 02605.060 Title XVI Undeliverable Notices
  • Use the special notice option undeliverable mail cover letter instead of the usual undeliverable mail cover letter. The special notice option undeliverable mail cover letter is in the Document Processing System (DPS) in the Cover Letters folder, and in Aurora as exhibit E4013.
  • If you are not required to re-mail the notice, shred the Braille notice, CD, or large print notice.
  • 2. Disability Determination Services (DDS)
  • DDS follows local procedures for undeliverable mail.
  • 3. Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR)
  • ODAR follows interim instructions and instructions in:
  • * HALLEX I-2-4-25 Dismissal Due to Claimant’s Failure to Appear;
  • * HALLEX I-2-4-55 Dismissal Returned as Undeliverable;
  • * HALLEX I-2-8-55 Decision Returned as Undeliverable; and
  • * HALLEX I-3-5-41 Denial Notice Returned as Undeliverable.
  • * HALLEX I-3-5–30 Denial Notice Returned as Undeliverable.
  • B. How do I re-mail undeliverable notices?
  • When you re-mail
  • * Returned certified mail, always use certified mail
  • * Braille notices, always use padded envelopes
  • C. What should I do about unclaimed certified mail?
  • When the post office returns an unclaimed notice sent by certified mail,
  • * Contact the person by telephone or regular mail;
  • * Explain that the post office returned the certified mail to SSA because the person did not pick it up at the post office or arrange for another delivery;
  • * Review other notice options and offer the person an opportunity to change options. For available notice options, see Special Notice Options Policy for The Blind or Visually Impaired NL 01001.010. If you reach the person by telephone, offer to read the notice.
  • D. How do I determine which notice a CD contains?
  • To view a notice on a data or audio CD, load the CD onto your computer and read or listen to it.
  • E. How can I get a standard print copy of a Braille notice?
  • To obtain a standard print copy of a Braille notice,
  • * Complete Form SSA-9010 (Braille Notice Inquiry); see exhibit of form in NL 01001.441.
  • * Provide the alphanumeric code (11 digits) shown under the barcode on the label of the Braille notice.
  • * Use the “Submit by email” button at the bottom of the page to email the completed Form SSA-9010 to the designated person (e.g., Technical Expert, Technical Assistant, or Manager) in your office, who will forward it to ^Braille Notice Inquiry.