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VB 01503.625: Benefits Withheld While in an SSA-Restricted Country

  • Effective Dates: 07/07/2014 - Present
  • Effective Dates: 04/11/2018 - Present
  • BASIC (01-02)
  • VB 01503.625 Benefits Withheld While in an SSA-Restricted Country
  • A. Policy
  • SVB withheld during the period the beneficiary is in an SSA-restricted country (regardless of citizenship) may be paid once he or she moves to a country to which payments can be made.
  • B. Procedure — FO, and FSPs
  • B. Procedure — FO, and FBUs
  • The beneficiary must appear in person (i.e., face-to-face interview) and submit proof of identity per RM 00207.010, and establish that all qualification requirements continue to be met.
  • Fax and then mail all materials to the CPS having SVB jurisdiction.
  • C. Procedure — CPS
  • Pay SVB for the months withheld while the beneficiary was in the SSA-restricted country if he/she:
  • * Is no longer in a Treasury-barred or SSA-restricted country; and
  • * Is entitled to SVB.
  • Notify the beneficiary of the release of withheld SVB.