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RS 00208.005: Child-in-Care Benefits

  • Effective Dates: 02/24/2017 - Present
  • Effective Dates: 08/07/2018 - Present
  • TN 13 (02-12)
  • RS 00208.005 Child-in-Care Benefits
  • A. Policy for child-in-care requirements
  • A claimant for mother's/father's, surviving divorced mother's/father's, or spouse’s (under age 62) benefits must have in-care an entitled child of the deceased NH. In order to receive an unreduced benefit, a spouse age 62 to full retirement age (FRA) must have a child of the NH in their care. The in-care child must meet all of the following:
  • * be entitled to a child’s insurance benefit,
  • * meet the conditions for entitlement, (For mother's/father's or spouse’s (age 62 to FRA) benefits, the child may be entitled on any earnings record (E/R). For surviving divorced mother's/father's and spouse’s benefits (under age 62), the child must be entitled on the NH's E/R.)
  • * meet the relationship requirements to be considered a child of the deceased NH; and
  • * be under age 16 (age 18 prior to 9/81) or, be disabled.
  • Child-in-care also applies when the child was entitled to childhood disability benefits (CDB) prior to age 22 termination and became re-entitled to a new period of disability as a CDB after age 22.
  • REMINDER: If the situations in RS 00208.001D apply, there is no entitlement.
  • NOTE: Use the DEPENDENT CHILD IN CARE (DCIC) common screen to collect data for each child in the care of a child-in-care beneficiary
  • B. Policy when the mother/father must meet child-in-care requirements
  • A mother/father must have in-care an entitled child of the NH when:
  • * he or she files an application for benefits; or
  • * he or she seeks entitlement within the retroactive period; or
  • * we convert a spouse's benefit to a mother's/father's benefit.
  • C. References
  • RS 00202.001 Spouse
  • RS 00202.050 Spouse’s Benefits-Evidence and Forms Requirements
  • RS 00203.001 Child’s Benefits for Entitlement and Non-Entitlement Provisions
  • RS 00203.060 Child’s Entitlement on Two or More Earnings Records
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  • RS 00208.001 Mother/Father Definitions and Requirements