POMS Reference

DI 52140: Field Office (FO) and Processing Center (PC) Responsibilities for Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) Offset

TN 4 (09-17)

A. Accessing the WC Resource Page

The Workers’ Comp Resource Page is a resource created by the eight processing centers (PCs). The Northeastern PC maintains the website. The website provides links to various WC resources.

Established links to the website are in the Claims Authorizer, Title 2 Claims Representative, and Technical Expert Resource kits.

B. Information on the WC Resource Page

The website provides links to tools that can help the adjudicator process cases involving WC. These link resources are not a substitute for POMS instructions on WC/PDB.

The Workers’ Compensation Resource Page includes:

  • links to State WC websites

  • Lists of Carrier Addresses and Contacts

  • WC calculators

  • Guides to using the Interactive Computations Facility and the Online Record Entry Operation (OREO)

  • Training materials

  • Other internal and external links.

C. How to suggest changes or additional links

To send suggestions for additional links, or corrections or comments about existing links:

  • FO employees should contact their Regional Office staffs.

  • PC employees should contact the appropriate OAS/CPS analyst;

  • RO, OAS, and CPS staffs can send nominations and comments to the ^NY National Workers Comp Web mailbox.