POMS Reference

DI 52165: Interactive Computations Facility (ICF) for Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) Computations

BASIC (09-08)

Use ICF function #32 to delete erroneous WC/PDB data that appears on the Master Beneficiary Record (MBR).

A. When to delete WC/PDB data

  • A pending WC/PDB claim is denied and there is no appeal filed.

  • All WC/PDB payments are repaid due to a third party settlement.

  • WC/PDB data is added erroneously to the MBR when WC/PDB was never an issue.

B. How to process a deletion of WC/PDB data from the MBR

Deleting WC/PDB data requires an ICF input. It is similar to the process for adding or changing existing WC/PDB data. Any processing limitation that occurs requires BA/BTE action and a MACADE input.

  1. Enter function #32 and when you reach the WCPA screen verify that T2 share data is present.

    • If T2 share data is present, proceed to step 2.

    • If T2 share data is not present, create a shared data record using #34 OREO. The WC/PDB data entered into Online Record Entry Operation (OREO) can be adjudicated to create shared data. Actions adjudicated through OREO will not post to the MBR unless a subsequent MACADE action is made, so your input will remain only in ICF. After T2 shared data is present re-enter function #32.

  2. On the WCPA screen, enter the start date that is present on the MBR on the WCPDBOFF line. Choose propagation from the “Adjudicate Record”.

  3. Complete the WCGI screen.

  4. On the WCCL the claim information equivalent to that shown on the MBR should be propagated to you. Enter “Y” in delete field.

  5. Enter to the WCAO screen. The “type” should show as “DL” indicating the deletion.

  6. If payments have not changed, do not send a notice. On the WCEP screen ENB block code “N.” If payments are changing, take appropriate notice action to explain the change.

  7. Adjudicate your action.

  8. Review the MBR the following day to verify that all WC/PDB information has been removed. Exceptions or limitations will be completed by a BA/BTE with a MACADE action.

C. Reference

DI 52165.010 - How to Complete ICF WC/PDB Screens