POMS Reference

GN 00301: General Evidentiary Standards

TN 24 (10-07)

This section modifies all existing policy instructions as they relate to the retention of paper material.

eClaims Resource documents have been prepared to allow users to know where to store documents (MCS, MSSICS, Shared EVID, eDIB folder, or a Claim filing record using NDRed). These documents contain all appropriate POMS references. See the followings links. Title II Initial Claims Desk Guide for Non-Medical Evidence Documentation and Evidence Documentation Guide for SSI Non-Disability.

Once an artifact has been stored and viewed for content in either an eDIB claim filing or through the NDRed by using CFUI, the artifact need not be retained.

NOTE: The Field Offices and Payment Centers should revert to faxing the SSA-821/SSA-820 and any other related paper documentation for PE cases only into eView or (NDRed).

GN 003: Evidence
GN 00302: Proof of Age