POMS Reference

GN 00505: Foreign Claims - Representative Payee Procedures Outside the U.S.

TN 7 (09-16)

A. Procedure when developing to pay accrued benefits

If the accrued benefit for each beneficiary is $4,000 or more and one of the exceptions in GN00505.020 does not apply, see the process below prior to the release of the accrued benefit payment.

1. How to request a recommendation for payment of accrued benefits

The Program Service Center (PSC) will:

  • Request that the Federal Benefits Unit (FBU) or the servicing field office (FO) make an evaluation of the representative payee's ability to handle the accrued benefits;

  • Request a recommendation for how to release payment; and

  • Furnish the amount of the regular monthly benefit and the approximate amount of the accrued benefits to assist the FBU or the FO in making its recommendation.

2. Evaluating the representative payee and accounting of benefits

Follow the instructions in this section to evaluate the representative payee and obtain an account of benefits. See Payment of Large Amounts Accumulated or Conserved Benefits -Title II Only per GN 00603.070B.3. The FBU or servicing FO will:

  • Evaluate the representative payee's ability to handle the accrued benefit payment;

  • Include information about how the representative payee plans to use the accrued benefit or what the representative payee plans to do with it; and

  • Recommend the way to make payment; (i.e. regular monthly installments, periodic release of a certain percentage of the amount, or in one lump sum) and document this information on a Report of Contact (RC).

3. Accrued benefit payments of $4000.00 or more in initial claims

Due to the time involved in development through a FBU, do not delay the adjudication of a claim solely because the file does not contain a recommendation on the payment of the accrued benefits. Instead, release current benefits and develop post-adjudicatively for the accrued benefits payment.

If the case is an initial district office final authorization (DOFA) claim, the FO or the Division of International Operations (DIO) should make the final determination about the manner in which to make the payment.

NOTE: Send the accrued benefit payment to the direct deposit account on the record. See GN 02402.055 for Direct Deposit for Representative Payee Cases.

B. Payment of Accrued benefits of $4000 or more for beneficiaries in the Philippines

When processing a payment of accrued benefits of $4000 or more for beneficiaries in the Philippines with a representative payee and no direct deposit follow these instructions:

  • DIO addresses the check in care of”

    Social Security Administration,

    American Embassy, 1

    201 Roxas Boulevard,

    Ermita 0930, PHILIPPINES.

    (For when accrued benefits of any amount may be release see GN 00505.020),

NOTE: This will ensure that the FBU can readily identify the check;

  • The FBU should obtain:

    1. a formal accounting from the representative payee if the representative payee is one who would be subject to an accounting as described in GN 00608.020; or

    2. an informal accounting for benefits paid and ask what he or she plans to do with the accrued benefit payment, reminding him or her of his or her duties as representative payee. (See Payment of Large Amounts Accumulated or Conserved Benefits -Title II Only per GN 00603.070B.3.)

  • If there are:

    1. no problems with the representative payee and his or her accounting, release the check to the representative payee.

    2. any issues, do not release the check. Return the check to the Treasury Department and send DIO a full explanation, including a recommendation for future action.

  • The FBU provides the representative payee with information on how to apply for direct deposit.

NOTE: Defer payments of accrued benefits less than $4,000 if the claims authorizer, or the FBU, feels such action would serve the beneficiary's best interest.