POMS Reference

GN 01737: Agreement With Greece

BASIC (07-94)

A. Policy -Benefit programs included

The provisions of the agreement that permit people to qualify for benefits based on combined U.S. and Greek coverage credits apply only to retirement, survivors, and disability benefits under each country's system. The agreement does not apply to U.S. Medicare benefits or Supplemental Security Income payments.

B. Policy -Taxes included

The provisions of the agreement that eliminate dual Social Security coverage and taxes apply to:

  • U.S. Social Security taxes (FICA and SECA) including the Medicare portion.

  • Greek Social Security taxes that finance retirement, survivors, and disability benefits, medical care, sickness and maternity benefits, unemployment benefits, worker's compensation, family allowances, worker's housing assistance fund and labor home fund.

C. Reference

Agreement provisions for the elimination of dual coverage and taxation, RS 02001.850 - RS 02001.898.