POMS Reference

GN 03314: Disclosure to State and Local Agencies and Tribal Authorities

TN 2 (01-17)

A. Disclosure policy

Section 1631(g) of the Social Security Act authorizes us to enter into agreements with State agencies that identify the terms and conditions of our reimbursement to the State agency for interim assistance payments the State agency provided to individuals while:

  • their applications for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are being processed, or

  • their SSI benefits were suspended or terminated, and we subsequently found them to have been eligible for SSI benefits for the suspended or terminated period.

We refer to these agreements as IAR Agreements. We may disclose certain non-tax return information, including verification of Social Security Numbers (SSN), to carry out the functions of the IAR Agreements under the applicable health-maintenance and income-maintenance routine use cited in a number of the agency’s systems of records, including but not limited to the following:

  • 60-0058—Master Files of SSN Holders and SSN Applications System;

  • 60-0089—Claims Folders System;

  • 60-0090—Master Beneficiary Record;

  • 60-0103—Supplemental Security Income Record and Special Veterans Benefits System; and

  • 60-0320—Electronic Disability Claims File.

For information concerning the verification of SSNs, see GN 03325.002.

B. Procedure for handling requests

Central office components develop and manage IAR Agreements. Consult the regional office Data Exchange Coordinator or Privacy Act Coordinator if you have questions concerning IAR Agreements. For more information regarding the handling of requests from State and local agencies, see GN 03314.001E.