POMS Reference

RM 10210: SSN Evidence Requirements

TN 11 (07-11)

NOTE: These instructions are for Field Office 025, Pago Pago, American Samoa only. It is informational for all other addressees.

A. Aliens in American Samoa and determining their lawful alien status

An SSN applicant who enters or lives in American Samoa and who is neither a U.S. citizen nor a U.S. national is an alien. American Samoa has its own government and immigration system and issues its own evidence of lawful alien status to aliens. American Samoa is not subject to the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) immigration laws; the Pago Pago field office (FO) must rely on documents issued by the American Samoa government to determine an alien’s lawful alien status while in American Samoa and may not accept documents issued by DHS for that purpose.

B. American Samoa immigration ID card and letter

American Samoa issues an American Samoa Immigration Identification card (ID card) and a Verification of Immigration Status letter (Immigration Letter) to all aliens who enter the American Samoa with intent to stay more than 29 days.

C. Employment authorization for American Samoa aliens

American Samoa grants some aliens employment authorization inherent to their American Samoa immigration status (e.g., Status AA). Aliens, who do not have inherent employment authorization and intend to work, must obtain employment authorization documentation from the American Samoa government.

1. Original SSN card for aliens

Aliens filing for an original SSN card at the Pago Pago FO must submit:

  • American Samoa Immigration ID card (ID card) and

  • American Samoa Verification of Immigration Status letter (Immigration Letter).

2. Replacement SSN card for aliens

Aliens filing for a replacement SSN card at the Pago Pago FO must submit:

  • the ID card only, if the ID card shows an immigration status code of AA; or

  • both the ID Card and their Immigration Letter, if the ID Card shows an immigration status code that is not AA.

3. Alien does not submit lawful alien status evidence

If an alien fails to submit the required lawful alien status evidence, the Pago Pago FO must:

  • provide the alien with a written notice explaining why you cannot process the SSN application. See RM 10215.110;

  • refer the applicant to the American Samoa Immigration Board; and

  • advise the alien that he or she may file a new SSN application when they submit acceptable documentation.

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