POMS Reference

RM 10213: Verifying Evidence for an SSN

BASIC (04-10)

If, within the next 14 calendar days from the current date, either the person’s lawful alien evidence expires or the person’s lawful alien status expires, do not process the SSN application. In these situations, SSA cannot print and mail the SSN card to the applicant before the lawful alien document or alien status expires. Instead, provide written notice (SSA-L676, Refusal to Process SSN Application) to the applicant explaining why you cannot process the SSN application and delete the application.

If the person reports that he or she requested an extension or change of status, advise the person to return to SSA when he or she receives the documentation showing the favorable results of that request.

NOTE: There may be situations when on the face of the immigration document, the person’s lawful status appears expired or set to expire within 14 days; however, the person’s status is actually current or will remain current in 14 days. These situations require special processing instructions for entering the “Expires” field in SSNAP. For example, an alien with:

  • an automatic Employment Authorization Document (EAD, Form I-766) extension, see RM 10211.420D;

  • an expired Permanent Resident (From I-551) card with a Notice of Action (Form I-797) extending status for a year, see RM 10211.025C.1.d; and

  • a J1 exchange visitor whose program ends within 14 days of SSN application but will be in the U.S. 14 days or more from the date of the SSN application, see RM 10211.365C.

RM 10215.115, providing written notice.