POMS Reference

GN 00505: Foreign Claims - Representative Payee Procedures Outside the U.S.

TN 6 (09-97)

CDB adjudicators will approve most changes of payee in postadjudicative situations. Adjudicators will not send advance notices of change in payee since these notices are not required for beneficiaries or legal representatives residing outside the U.S.

Since CDB will not send advance notices, adjudicators should be alert to situations which could result in protest (e.g., protesting applicants or beneficiaries). These cases should be referred to the claims authorizer (CA) for review before the change is input and should contain a brief explanation for the referral. If CA review is not needed, adjudicators will complete Form SSA-3137 and route the form to ARS/SSADARS. The folder will be held for possible representative payee input exceptions. If exceptions are received, they should be corrected and the correct payee data transmitted. If no exception is received, obtain an MBR to determine whether the payee action has been effectuated. If it has, file the MBR, and route the folder to the appropriate module, attention: Payment Processing. Attach a Form SSA-567 (Subsequent Handling) to the folder under the SSA-559, and indicate that after the output has been associated, the folder should be routed to a CA for “Rep-payee post review.”

If the MBR does not reflect the rep-payee change, route the folder to the appropriate module, attention: Claims Authorizer, via an SSA-559. Annotate the SSA-559 as follows:

“Representative Payee Case Direct Input via SSA-3137 in CDB (show date SSA-3137 was prepared). Current MBR does not reflect that representative payee change has been effected even though no edit was received on our input. For your N/A to effectuate representative payee change.”

If a Form SSA-3926-C2FC is received showing the payee action has been effectuated, route the folder via an SSA-559 to the appropriate module, attention: Claims Authorizer. There is no need to obtain an MBR or to route the folder to payment processing.